Entrepreneurs crave big growth, but we get caught up in incremental growth. That 2X thinking leaves you stuck on the hamster wheel and repeating the same old deals and duties like a broken record. Exponential growth is hard as hell, but it forces you to focus and simplify your priorities and strategies. However, it may  easier than you may think when you empower the 10X way of thinking and doing.

Don’t be afraid to maximize your vision by 10X, and become the 10X CEO that inspires everyone around you. While it’s important to celebrate the smaller wins, you’ll remain little if you don’t 10X your way of thinking. Be open to each opportunity that comes your way but ditch what won’t serve your company’s growth. It makes running your company much simpler, as it forces you get out of your own way. Here’s why 10X is always better than 2X thinking.

2X Is Too Slow

2X means that you focus on doubling your success. However, that puts too much pressure on you as you focus on an ideal to the exclusion of other promising growth opportunities. The 10X way of thinking energizes you to look at your existing situation and how you can take the next step right into that ideal.

You look at every area of your life. Your support team, clients, customers and technology are important elements to consider, but your lifestyle also influences how you conduct your journey. What needs leaving behind in order to move forward? Who do you need to hire to replace you in tasks you even shouldn’t touch?

Eliminate What Zaps Your Energy

Too much focus incremental growth distracts you from what you’re trying to accomplish. You get caught up in the process. Then, you end up procrastinating — getting caught up in solving that one little issue before handling the goals you specifically wrote down to accomplish today.

You’re blocking yourself. You’re putting too much energy into wastefulness. Focus on only three actions that propel your exponential growth. Eliminate what zaps your energy, and redirect your attention to that which excites you.

Delegate the tasks you hate to someone who loves them, and you’ll make major moves at a 10X level.

Reach 10X Growth Now With Technology

The world is now more connected globally than ever, and that interconnectivity will only continue to grow. You’re one click away from reaching your audience. Word of mouth is powerful, and now you can send out a Tweet or share a universal quote meme-style on Instagram. You can also directly message to your clients and prospects in a way that makes you and your company their trusted provider.

Technology shows you powerful ways that your audience connects with you, what they feel and when. These tools provide insight but also allow you to cultivate an experiential relationship with your customer in real time, building rapport and trust when and how they need it. Be strategic with your connectivity to reach 10X growth now.

Grow Your Strengths

Learning more every day is important to self-growth and for the growth of your company. However, you shouldn’t hold on to your hangups. Don’t dwell on your company weaknesses, and grow your strengths.

Don’t give up what drives you by getting distracted. Bet on what you know you’re good at and invest in your purpose and capabilities with confidence. Those who focus mainly on weaknesses compare themselves to others too much rather than getting ahead with their mission. Lead with authenticity and you’ll go far with the 10X way of thinking.

Just as you delegate the tasks that suck the lifeblood from you, you can empower yourself and those around you who will have super powers in areas where you’re weak. Then, you present a 10X growth force field and purpose-driven energy that makes accomplishment a part of the everyday without missing out on meaning.

You’ll let go of your fear of failure and transition to a nature of leading with courage, confidence and authenticity. You become collaborative and co-create opportunities for exponential growth with the 10X way of thinking.

10X will change who you are as a leader, as a human, as a visionary. You can’t help but change your very heart and soul when you let go of limited thinking and step into a place of abundance.

Contact us at CEO Voodoo to channel that initiative and make big, 10X waves, just like skipping a simple stone across the lake. Don’t make it hard on yourself to do what you love.

(Note from Jon Correll: 10X thinking gets bandied around a lot these days. I was first exposed to the idea from my mentor, Bob Mulford, in 1996. It was a shift that first knocked me over the head, then set me free. However, there are other great sources today that can help with more details: Grant Cardone and Dan Sullivan. Both have volumes of info on why it makes since to shift your thinking to 10X).

Image: Pexels