People fear many things, and the top five fears in the United States in their scariest order include public speaking, heights, bugs/animals, drowning and needles.

These are minimal fears spurred on by being wary of what we can’t control, understand or may cause harm. Besides fears you’re born with, conditioned fears form after a negative experience, and you may fear it happening again. Your brain tricks you into thinking similar circumstances will manifest the same scary result.

As a leader, you must stand up in front of others and inspire them time and time again. You must be willing to achieve the height and distance of your mission. You must stamp out any bugs from your products and conquer the beasts that block your way. Sometimes, you drown in your work rather than swim in it. Many times, finding a solution to a problem is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Fears haunt us as much as our dreams over the years. First of all, you can’t eliminate fears, but you can master your fears. Overcome them, and fear them much less. Here are the five fears you must master.

1. Fear of Failure

The fear of failure is also called atychiphobia. Fear immobilizes you and makes you afraid of your own efforts. Fears stop you from moving forward to achieve your goals and mission.

Everyone has different benchmarks for what failure means to them, but think of failure as a learning experience. It doesn’t teach you that you shouldn’t try at all or try again. You learn which routes and resources don’t work for you. Fear of failures shows up as low self-esteem, self-sabotage and procrastination.

Develop a contingency plan, analyzing the possible outcomes and facing your worst-case scenario. After putting your mind at ease, you’ll break through the fear of failure.

2. Fear of Being Wrong

“What if I’m wrong?” we all ask before taking that next step, and we often stop altogether. If you fumble, does that mean you fail?

Anytime you achieve a measure of success, you measure yourself in adverse ways. The parade of negative thoughts begins: “I’m stupid, and everyone knows it. This is all wrong. I have to start over.” You feel your perceived lack of skill hard.

The fact is: perfectionists achieve less and take fewer risks. Write down every achievement, no matter how small. Look to each success, as much as your missteps, to motivate your next steps. You can’t consider failure without considering success and the point of DOING it. If you don’t do it, you’ll keep wondering “What if I had…” all your life.

3. Fear of Looking Like a Fool

It’s natural to fear looking like a fool when you try something new, but overcoming this fear will change the way you do business. In the book “Mastery” by George Leonard, taking on new skills channels your passion into mastery. Be willing to look like a total newb. Be OK and excited about doing that.

The most memorable, successful and genius personalities were and are eccentric. They stand out. They have a brand.

These leaders and innovators all had fears to master and they succeeded. You have fears you must master as a leader, and you will succeed, too.

4. Fear of Taking Risk and Making Financial Sacrifice

Stability can be maintained for so long. Climates change. The market shifts and customers make new demands. Those who step up to supply and anticipate those needs become successful. You innovate.

Do your research, but don’t waste time. You must make some financial sacrifices along with investments in your mainstays. Risk-taking is essential and unavoidable in leadership.

5. Fear of Not Being Good Enough

Don’t feel good enough? Maybe you fear you don’t have the same sheen, charm or talent that other leaders possess. Maybe you fear that you’re not good enough or don’t deserve success if other ventures have previously failed. You do deserve success, and you are good enough.

What you lack in experience comes with time and daring to try new things. You build your skills.

We all fail at something every day, and life goes on — so does business. Conquer your fear of failure, being wrong, looking like a fool, taking a risk and not being good enough, and you will revolutionize how you do business. Contact CEO Voodoo for the backup you need to conquer these fears and take your business to the next level.

Being more brave will help you overcome fear

There are lots of things to fear, we’ve only covered a few, but there is an antidote: Bravery and Courage. It is impossible to eliminate fear, it is in our being by design. The real trick: when you’re feeling fear, look both ways, and then jump!

Sometimes it’s just simply: Try being more brave rather than fearing less. It’s ok to go for it even when your heart is beating so hard it feels like it will crush your ribs.

Note: If you getting distracted from your top priorities, then you’re probably feeling some fear, and allowing yourself to lose focus. Set your priorities, and keep on task.

Everyone feels fear, it is those that chose to increase their courage that make a real impact. Chose Bravery and Courage today!

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