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10X Growth Thinking: Why Thinking 10X Is Always Better Than 2X Thinking

Entrepreneurs crave big growth, but we get caught up in incremental growth. That 2X thinking leaves you stuck on the hamster wheel and repeating the same old deals and duties like a broken record. Exponential growth is hard as hell, but it forces you to focus and simplify your priorities and strategies. However, it may  easier than you may think when you empower the 10X way of thinking and doing. Don’t be afraid to maximize

10X Growth Thinking: Why Thinking 10X Is Always Better Than 2X Thinking2019-01-23T12:00:20-08:00

5 Fears You Must Master

  People fear many things, and the top five fears in the United States in their scariest order include public speaking, heights, bugs/animals, drowning and needles. These are minimal fears spurred on by being wary of what we can’t control, understand or may cause harm. Besides fears you’re born with, conditioned fears form after a negative experience, and you may fear it happening again. Your brain tricks you into thinking similar circumstances will manifest the

5 Fears You Must Master2019-01-14T08:17:09-08:00

7 Actions Top CEOs Do Every Day

Your routine sets the tone and continues the momentum for the day. Healthy routines contribute to your well-being and productivity levels. CEOs have a habit of doing it all and may neglect to eat a well-balanced meal or get the proper shuteye at night. Coordinating your professional and personal lives can feel like an exercise in futility, but balance matters in achieving success, too. Here are the 7 actions top CEOs do every day. 1.

7 Actions Top CEOs Do Every Day2019-01-03T22:32:48-08:00

3 Ways CEOs Can Eliminate Distraction And Have Laser-Like Focus

  It’s easy for the day to get away from you as task after task takes over your to-do list. Devices, social media and email vie for your attention. Time to really increase your ability to eliminate distractions. A 2015 Gallup poll found that 41 percent of people check their phone a few times every hour, and some check their phone every few minutes. How often do you grab your phone or busy yourself with

3 Ways CEOs Can Eliminate Distraction And Have Laser-Like Focus2019-01-04T22:03:30-08:00

SOS: The Wrong Kind of Distractions for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are known for "Shiny Object Syndrome," where they give chase to every shiny concept, gizmo and gadget within range of their entrepreneurial spidey senses. The typical CEO (founder-type) and entrepreneur love new things. That's why we start companies and do cool things. It's fun, it's new, it's exciting! But... We also get trapped into thinking we're doing IMPORTANT work when really, we're just distracted. A shiny new marketing strategy, organizational app or business strategy

SOS: The Wrong Kind of Distractions for Entrepreneurs2019-01-02T06:03:56-08:00

Yoda Would Suck As A CEO

  "Do or do not. There is no try." — Yoda As a mentor, Yoda possessed vast knowledge and served as a mentor for 800 years to Jedi knights. Yoda's most notable charge was Luke Skywalker, teaching him how to be a "better" hero. The roles of mentor and hero are mythical archetypes that occur across countless cultures and for many ages, speaking to one’s personal journey on a deep level. These archetypes also apply

Yoda Would Suck As A CEO2019-01-02T06:04:20-08:00

Do More By Doing Less: It’s Not Quantum Mechanics— It’s Our Human Nature

What is the answer to life, the universe and everything? It’s 42, according to Douglas Adams who wrote The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Was Adams channeling ancient aliens and applying advanced quantum mechanics when he arrived at this answer? Nope. As with anything, it’s very simple when you boil the matter down — it was a joke. Adams picked an ordinary, small number, staring out into his garden, thinking

Do More By Doing Less: It’s Not Quantum Mechanics— It’s Our Human Nature2018-12-12T18:11:25-08:00

You Are The Worst Boss Ever!?

Did you know that the average person thinks 80,000 thoughts a day, and of those, 80 percent are negative thoughts? 90 percent of those 80,000 thoughts is your brain running on auto-pilot — you’ve ruminated on these ideas before. How often do you call yourself stupid, tell yourself to get your act together or let negative assumptions have control of your day and mind? The saying goes that “You are your own worst enemy,” and

You Are The Worst Boss Ever!?2019-01-02T06:05:09-08:00