Corridor Effect – Even More Powerful During Difficult Times

Long Corridor

I wanted to talk to you about the Corridor Effect. I’ve learned it by being a CEO and founder of probably 2 dozen companies and  it’s really a powerful effect. I want to explain why it’s important here and share a story about it, but I also want to share a little bit about what’s going on. Cause it’s hard to be an entrepreneur and just be like, “yay! This is great times! Good times roll.” It’s really hard.

I understand that. We’ve Never lived through anything as impacting as the CoronaVirus and the effects it’s having on society. Like today I started just cranking on some things this morning and I’m working from home (Like everyone else in the world now). And  I started reading the news and really digging in on everything.

Reading the News Can Make you Scared and Depressed

It’s about the economy, the commercial loan business and that businesses and commercial problems. I got really scared and depressed. I saw domino after domino after domino falling and  I thought, “Oh my man, this can take anyone out.” I felt the possibilities of complete armageddon.

Scary News

Daily front pages from around the U.S. include the coronavirus coverage as a top story. (Compilation/SCNG)

And I had to snap myself out of it because all I was doing was consuming news rather than making things happen rather than being an entrepreneur and making and creating ideas.  Because we should be the creators, we should be the ones that going out there as entrepreneurs and making things happen.

And when we feel this way, we can get depressed, we can take it all that negative news and negative energy and bring it in. And then we get very self focused and very much… “Oh man, nothing matters. It’s all going to fall apart!” And it can feel like doesn’t matter what we do…  It’s not true.

Negativity sucks the life out of the Corridor Effect

So I’ll give you an example: Today I finally kicked myself out of it after about two hours because the news doesn’t matter if it’s not something you can take action on. If you can take action on it, take action on it. But I want to explain the Corridor Effect, and I’ve seen it often in my life because I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was in my teens… I started a small software company then and I have learned a lot about the Corridor Effect. And it’s a simple effect.

The Corridor Effect Multiplies Your ACTIONS – You must move Forward to See The Opportunities

So one of the things are, if you’re down, if you’re struggling even to take action, what the Corridor Effect does is multiply your actions. And what that means is as you walk down a corridor, if you look down a corridor and you’re looking way down a long corridor, you cannot see what’s on your right or what’s on your left.

You actually have to walk down it to be able to see it. So you, the only opportunities come as you take action forward. If you take forward action, you’ll look to the right and to the left and there’ll be doorways. Many of them open that you look in and you go, “my gosh, I didn’t even see that coming! I didn’t even think of that as an opportunity.”

And boom, all of a sudden because you’re taking action, forward momentum, you actually will see things off to the sides that you can’t see looking down the corridor.

Take action.

Corridor Effect in Action

So one of the things that happened this evening, and it was really cool, it was like, it was a perfect example of what it means to take forward action. One of the companies I’m a partner in, the CEO just sent out an email saying, “Hey listen, we just got an order for 50,000 parts that we’re going to make in 72 hours.”

A large hospital group gave them an order  (I’m a part owner in the 3D printing company ZVerse making parts for CoronaVirus needs) and they were basically out there walking down the corridor, making things happen. The CEO’s doing an amazing job and he gets a call about medical needs for PPEs, basically the personal protection equipment such as masks, etc. They said, “We need 50,000 of them and we need them fast. And after that we’re going to need 200,000 of them. And we need those fast.”

Then they started looking around and going, “Oh my gosh, there’s a need for millions of these. And the only places they were producing them was in China, which we can’t get from there. They’re stuck. There’s a whole huge industry need right now for certain items and they happen to be the right place at the right time.”

Not because it was magic, but because they’re making forward momentum with the company. He’s walking down that corridor and then opportunities show up as he walks down it. Don’t get stuck in the negative news. If you need to read the news, only enough information so that you can do actionable steps for your business and for yourself and for your family and your friends and your community. That’s it. That’s all you need. It may only take 10 minutes,.

Read Only News that is Actionable – Ignore The Rest. Focus on YOUR Actions

Then get off the news and then focus on those activities that will bring you forward momentum. Because even through difficult time, I think it was Churchill said, when you find yourself going through hell, keep going. And what our tendency is to do is to stop and sit and just get freaked out. And that’s not what we should be doing.

We should be creating forward momentum. This is gonna play itself out and one month, three months, six months, next year we’re going to be moving forward fast like a rocket ship because things are being so shaken out. Those who are prepared and actually walking down the corridor are going to find incredible opportunities at the end. Not taking advantage of things, but actually creating  solutions for the massive amount of problems that will exist then. I encourage you to stay positive by taking positive action today.

Don’t EVER Stop Taking Forward Steps of Positive Action

Don’t get stuck in the News and and get filled with depression. It’s easy to get depressed. I was starting to get depressed today, this morning looking at all the news and I had to slap myself out of it and get moving forward. So I hope that’s encouraging to you. It was encouraging me to get that email. He’s been working hard for six, seven years on this company and doors are opening up not because of a week long thing but because of years of taking steps forward, taking steps forward.

So don’t stop taking those steps forward and really encourage you to do that.

Want help to grow your company in difficult times?

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Keep positive and keep moving forward!


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