Your routine sets the tone and continues the momentum for the day. Healthy routines contribute to your well-being and productivity levels. CEOs have a habit of doing it all and may neglect to eat a well-balanced meal or get the proper shuteye at night. Coordinating your professional and personal lives can feel like an exercise in futility, but balance matters in achieving success, too. Here are the 7 actions top CEOs do every day.

1. Set Priorities

Your priorities keep you focused on your overall mission and organize your tasks. Do your priorities lie in learning and leading innovation? Perhaps one of your priorities is to connect with employees, who can often feel left behind or invisible in the company ranks.

One method that works well is to set your 3 “MUST DO TODAY” priorities. Since you probably have a To Do list that is massive, it’s best to do the IMPORTANT tasks first. If you end up only doing 3 tasks, they will be your TOP tasks. This method works in amazing ways.

When you set your priorities, you do meaningful work in a timely manner. Quality doesn’t suffer.

2. Get Good Sleep

Good sleep is the foundation of everything in life. Those 18 and up need at least seven to eight hours of sleep a night but may function on as little as six. Bodies and their needs vary per individual.

You should never sacrifice sleep to get the job done unless you want also to sacrifice quality. The odd all-nighter happens, but don’t make it a regular thing. Take care of your health to take care of your loved ones and your business. Get good sleep to do good business.

3. Plan the Day

What are the three main tasks that you need to achieve today? Simplify your business day to get ahead and keep energy-draining tasks from backing up.

Planning your day in this way also makes it easier to achieve a realistic, stable and comfortable work-life balance. You have long-term goals that you want to achieve, but you accomplish those day by day. Start by planning out today.

4. Delegate Energy-Draining Tasks

Don’t spend your day dreading the tasks you have to do. Come to your day with excitement, and that energy will crossover to your team and customers. Positivity is contagious.

So, delegate energy-draining tasks to others who love to do those tasks. This is also an opportunity to pass on tasks to employees who wish to build upon their existing skills. Focus on what you’re good at and what you love to do.

5. Meditate and Exercise

Your energy levels fluctuate throughout the day. Every body differs in what it needs to maintain its productivity. You need to check in with yourself on all four energetic levels: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

How healthy and happy are you? How is your focus? What’s your purpose in this moment?

When you feel off, take time to meditate and exercise to raise those energy levels back up! CEO Richard Branson exercises at 5 a.m. every morning to get in the energetic benefit of endorphins, the happy hormone.

Clear your mind of the stress of a busy day by regularly and mindfully checking in with yourself through meditation. It’s as easy as focusing on your breathing in a natural, measured pattern. Give yourself some choice — exercise or meditate. Do both as needed.

6. Talk to One Customer

When people contact the company, they want to talk to a real person. Many demand to talk to the CEO. While you realistically can’t talk to every customer, you can and should talk to one customer daily.

You need to stay in touch with your business and the daily ins and outs. Be on the front lines. Hear what your customer has to say. Besides, helping one person each day makes you feel good. It keeps you in touch with your mission.

7. Read a Book

Step away from data analysis, reports and trade journals. Put down your tablet. Pick up a book.

Detach your eyes from the screen to stay fresh and avoid headaches and other pains that come from doing one thing for far too long. Reading a book relaxes you, allows you to escape for a while, educates you and keeps your brain active.

Warren Buffet and Mark Cuban agree: reading a book every day is a key activity that CEOs an entrepreneurs must do daily to grow. It’s critical for you to constantly improve your knowledge & understanding and accelerate your learning curve to be a highly successful CEO and Entrepreneur.

Routines matter to lead well-balanced lives, especially in business. The top CEOs do the seven following actions every day: set priorities, get good sleep, plan the day, delegate energy-draining tasks, meditate and exercise, talk to one customer and read a book.

Take these seven actions seriously as a part of your day, and your work will have meaning every day. Contact CEO Voodoo for more tips on creating a routine that dynamically and positively impacts your life and business success.

Image: Pexels